I can’t apologize enough for totally disappearing for like, two weeks now.

Things have been so insanely busy for me. In the past three weeks I enjoyed my last week at home with my family and boyfriend, packed, and moved into my dorm. My summer vacation has officially ended and I’m back at school training to be an RA (btw, training is for 2 weeks, 9am-9pm every day)…so bare with me if my posting schedule stays a little messed up for a bit.

I’m sorry for everyone checking my blog and finding that absolutely nothing has been updated or added. That will be changing very soon! I have such great posts coming in the next few weeks. I’ll be reviewing my newest monthly beauty box subscription, awesome new products that I’ve discovered, as well as a super awesome surprise.

You won’t want to miss these ones!!


Thanks for understanding :)

I love you all

xo Jessie