Out of all of the fashion bloggers that I follow, never had I connected with one as well as I connected with the Wanderlust Girls. Everything about them was so personable and friendly and fun. I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by them on personal branding and it was awesome! Their story, their style, their sense of humor, their advice. The fact that they started their blog not knowing that anyone other than themselves was going to read it and now they’re a company in New York City, where blogging and styling is their full time job is inspiring! It just goes to show anything can happen, especially if you work at it.

Wanderlust Girls Hofstra University

Emily and Abigail had so much knowledge and advice for young bloggers and entrepreneurs, it’s impossible to convey it all in one blog post. With that said, here are five key points that really stuck with me from their presentation!

1. Never say no!

Take every opportunity and every job offered to you as you are starting out. You don’t know where it could lead you in the future or who you could meet. Any type of experience is valuable so never say no.

2. Be yourself and do what works for you.

The Wanderlust Girls have lighthearted, laid back spirits. The whole presentation they were laughing and telling funny stories that taught them lessons. Serious isn’t their style. They said that carries over into their blogging, their voice online is humorous to match their personalities because that is true to them. They also said in the beginning they were told they were a little too edgy and people suggested they change up their style. The Wanderlust Girls refused to stray away from themselves and in the end it has worked out for them.

3. Reach out to people.

If you want something, you have to go get it. Emily and Abigail emailed every single designer at NYFW and asked for tickets to their shows; they got to attend 50 fashion shows that year! They made it clear you had to put yourself out there to be given opportunities.

4. Try everything.

Neither Emily or Abigail went to college for anything related to fashion but they had a love for it.  They worked at their passion on their blog and got noticed for it. That’s how they got their first styling gig (which they said they felt completely unprepared for) for the Playboy clothing brand. The Wanderlust Girls explained they took the job, watched, learned, and successfully completed the campaign. Now they are considered professional stylists and have had many jobs in the field.

5. Get yourself on all social media platforms.

In terms of personal branding, get yourself on every social media platform out there. They said it’s important to have the same name on all accounts so that you are easily found and remembered.


Selfie with HU Students! Reposted from The Wanderlust Girls Instagram

Selfie with HU Students! Reposted from The Wanderlust Girls Instagram

Top – Wanderlust Girls portfolio.
Middle – Hofstra University’s Twitter page