Switching over to cruelty-free cosmetics was actually a really simple transition for me! It’s amazing how many awesome, friendly companies are out there!

One brand I’m really loving is Physicians Formula! They have such a wide variety of products in so many different shades. I’ve started building my collection of products and it’s so hard to pick favorites. I’m always looking for products with really good coverage like foundations and tinted moisturizers because I feel like you can never have enough. Especially while I’m at school when my face breaks out the most, I want to be able to have the smoothest skin possible.IMG_1994

I jumped on the BB cream bandwagon and decided to try out Physicians Formula’s Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Cream. This stuff is magic. The amount of things this cream does for you, all at once, is insane. It has ten beauty benefits that include firming, protecting with SPF 30, priming, filling, and long-wearing. It replaces my moisturizer, foundation, and SPF (this BB cream comes recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation). I cut the amount of products that I use in my normal makeup routine, in half. I blend it in with a big liquid foundation brush and it evens out all my imperfections. It conceals blemishes, while perfecting and brightening my face. It’s amazing how smooth my skin looks after use.IMG_2000

To finish off my makeup, whether I’m using Physicians Formula’s BB cream or any other foundation, I turn to Physicians Formula’s Youthful Wear Cosmeceutical Youth-Boosting Powder. I got it in creamy natural shade with an illuminating finish. I know that I don’t need to look 10 years younger, but this powder gives my skin a nice glow and finishes off the rest of my makeup flawlessly. It also works to set my makeup for extended wear.IMG_1999