Happy New Year everyone!

2015 Happy New Year greeting card

I can’t believe 2014 is over already. It was such a huge year for me. From graduating high school to starting my first semester of college, 2014 did me well. In my opinion New Year’s resolutions can be so cliche. People make ridiculous expectations for themselves only to forget about them in a few weeks. That’s why I’ve never really taken them seriously. This year I decided to come up with obtainable New Year’s resolutions and share them with you!

Finish redesigning and expanding my blog
I started to give my blog a makeover this past fall but I’m not done yet. I really love where it’s heading right now. There is still a lot to do before it gets to be where I want it. I plan on creating my logo and reworking the format a little more. I also want to expand my blog onto more platforms like Facebook and Twitter. I really want to increase my followers in the next year!

Decorate my new bedroom
My little sister and I switched rooms before I went to college and I decided to completely redecorate. I figure this is going to be my room at home for the rest of college and the next time I redecorate is probably going to be when I move into my own place. So far I have painted and got a few new furniture pieces. Yesterday I actually bought my first decorative pieces for the space which has me super excited. I can’t wait to do a big reveal!

Read more
I absolutely love reading. Unfortunately, when I’m in school I get so caught up in my work that I completely forget to read anything for enjoyment. I want to make sure I take time out for myself this new year to read something I love.

Read magazines monthly
I have a really bad habit of not reading the magazines that I subscribe to monthly. They come in the mail and I have yet to finish the two months that came before them, so they just get tossed into a pile and forgotten about. By the time I actually get around to reading one it’s January and I’m reading an October issue.

Drink more tea
My goal is to cut back on my coffee and increase my tea intake. My sister and I have started buying different flavors of tea and trying them and I’m surprised with how good they are. Especially when I get back to school I want to continue substituting tea for coffee.

Save more money
Pretty self-explanatory.

Drink more water
I used to be really good a drinking a lot of water. I carried a water bottle around with me constantly and drank about 64 oz. of water a day. Since starting college I’ve lost that habit and realized I sometimes don’t even drink half of that.

Visit three new places
I want to travel to three new places this year. It’s only going to count if I go and actually spend time in this place either sightseeing or visiting a new thing. It can’t simply be a new town I stop off in or pass through. It has to be a trip to this specific place.

So those are my realistic New Year’s resolutions. Check back with me in December to see how I did on accomplishing these goals!