With my first year of college completed, my break started mid May. Other than working, I have zero responsibilities to worry about and it feels amazing! I’ve been able to focus on my blog, redecorating my room, spending time with friends and family, and going to the beach!

I love being in the sun. I have a pool that I enjoy laying out by but the beach is my happy place. I don’t think I feel more relaxed anywhere else. This summer I’ve made a goal to try and get to the beach at least once a week, weather permitting. I have a ton of cute bathing suits, it’s been super warm and sunny here on the east coast, my tan is developing perfectly.

The only annoying thing about summer is always having to shave. With all of the shorts, tank tops, sundresses, and of course, bathing suits, shaving is an endless task in the summer. That’s why my new summer best friend is Nair™ Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Power™ Cream.


If you haven’t tried Nair, or have a long time ago and hated it, you should definitely reconsider. The Brazilian Spa Clay Cream is made with a mango butter, acai berry, and mineral-rich clay formula making moisturizing. The smooth skin really does last longer than shaving and it couldn’t be easier to use. You just apply with the sponge before you get in the shower then go about your usual business. After the the time is up, you rinse it off. There’s no gross smell, no mess, just smooth skin. It really does remove hair well and keeps it from growing back for a little while.

Keep in mind the sensitivity of your skin, as well as the sensitivity of different areas of your body. Don’t leave the cream on longer than advised and ALWAYS do a patch test before using for the first time.

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