Happy New Year 2015 greeting card from white snowflakes.

Last December I shared with you my New Year’s Resolutions for Two Thousand Fifteen and promised to check back on how I did. Here it goes!

1. Finish redesigning and expanding my blog
This one is still in progress. I’ve slowly changed up the format as the year has gone on and I’m working on redesigning the logo right now. My readership has increase immensely thanks to all of you lovely people, I could not be more appreciative!!

2. Decorate my new bedroom
DONE! I’ve worked so hard on designing my new bedroom and I’m in love with how it looks now. It’s white with gold and multi-colored blue accents. Pictures to come.

3. Read more
I stepped up my reading but I still have an overflowing shelf full of books to read. I would love to get myself to cut back on technology and read more print. 

4. Read magazines monthly
Fail. I have an ever growing stack of magazines next to my bed.

5. Drink more tea
Nope. I’ve decided I love coffee far too much. This was an unrealistic goal from the start. Next.

6. Save more money
Yes! I think I did pretty good with this one. I’m now looking to save for a trip to Europe this summer!!

7. Drink more water
I’d say this one was a success. I basically only drink water and coffee.

8. Visit three new places
I bought a van last summer to take road trips in so that helped push me to complete this one! I went to a lot of new places this year. A few of my favorites were 1) Hickory Run, PA; 2) Elmwood Park Zoo, PA; 3) Magic Gardens, PA; 4) Jones Beach, LI; 5) Jack Frost Big Boulder, PA

Overall, 2015 was an amazing year! I went on a few vacations with family, learned how to snowboard and loved it, became an RA on campus, bought a road trip van, spent the summer at the beach, took up kayaking, fed my favorite animal at a zoo, got my first tattoo, made lots of new friends, attended a few concerts, spent lots of time in New York City, landed a board position in my favorite campus club, and an internship!

2016, I’m ready for you!!