Did you guys enjoy National Ice Cream Day yesterday?! Please tell me you got some ice cream. My family and I went and I tried the pistachio hand dipped flavor. SO GOOD!

Anyway, I want to share my most recent adventure with all of you! Over 4th of July weekend I went on a camping trip with Kevin (my boyfriend) to Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania. I made a spur of the moment purchase prior to this and bought a conversion van to go camping and take road trips in. It was definitely a good investment because that weekend was a blast. I love camping and going on adventures and the van makes that so easy. I just leave all of my supplies in it, hop in when I have the yearning to be go somewhere, and drive.

I’m so careful with spending my money, never in a million years did I think I would make such a big purchase on such a whim. But hey, if there is something you really really want to do, just got for it!

What I love about camping and staying at places like this is how cheap they are. Kev and I reserved out lot only 5 days in advance and it was so inexpensive. Hickory Run State Park has so much beautiful scenery and trails to hike. My favorite spot was the waterfall we hiked to called Hawk Falls. You could jump off the cliff into the water and swim around at the bottom of it. Such a fun experience!

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