After waiting an extra long 4 months when the Bangerz tour date in Philly was postponed I finally got to see my girl tonight and let me tell you, it was most defiantly worth the wait.  Miley Cyrus put on the best show I have ever seen. She really is an amazing performer. But I mean I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Bangerz tour, have you seen the recaps from it?! – She rides a freaking hot dog around the stadium!


Needless to say the next day I had post-Miley depression. I just needed to go to that concert again. Her singing was on-point, she’s defiantly not one of those singers who can’t preform live. The props were absolutely ridiculous: a big gold car, flying hot dog, giant Big Sean bobble-head. She was funny, entertaining and most of all wild. She just made you want to be carefree and wild with her.


Her outfits were outrageously fun and… revealing. But again I expected that. She can pull off anything and I give her huge props for those high cut leotards and shorts. She has a killer bod and an adorable personality. I hate to sound like such a fan girl but she will forever by celebrity girl crush.






*I do not own the pictures above. They are from a Miley Cyrus fan instagram account: plutomiley from the Philadelphia show.