The weather is at that weird point where it’s freezing in the morning but only chilly in the afternoon.

Most days are not yet cold enough for a winter jacket but you definitely need something extra to go outside. That’s where lovely layers come in! Honestly I was afraid to layer any more than two pieces for the longest time. I had a very rational fear of looking like I got dressed in the dark.

In this outfit I layered a form fitting, doka dot peplum top from Forever 21 under a cardigan from Old Navy.  I topped it off with my cargo jacket from Forever 21 to give it a more relaxed vibe. I threw in another pattern just for fun and wore my striped flats. By having my base layers start off tighter and get slightly looser as I added articles on, it kept me from looking frumpy. For the mid 60 degree weather we had, I was comfortably warm in my layers.

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