20140917_152410All around campus there are students who stand out in their own way through how they dress. Hayley Blomquist, freshman fine arts major with a concentration in painting, expresses herself through thrift finds and bold statement pieces, making her style unique and completely her own.

Jessica Harrington: How would you describe your style?
Hayley Blomquist: “Goodwill trying to be Bergdorf Goodman.”

JH: Do you have any fashion muses? Where do you get your inspiration from?
HB: “I really like Leandra Medine, she runs the website “Man Repeller.” I love her because she doesn’t dress for men, she dresses for herself. Her style is very out there but still chic.”

JH: Are there any celebrities you look at for new fashion trends?
HB: “I like Alexa Chung because she embodies all of the current trends and she’s a very current model. I feel like she’s a big trendsetter. She can pull off anything and she always looks fabulous and put together.”

JH: Where do you like to shop?
HB: “Mainly Buffalo Exchange and Goodwill because you can get so many original pieces there that you can’t find at department stores, you can really find that statement piece. And I like Free People.”

JH: Do you have any favorite designers?
HB: “Yeah I like Jean Paul Gaultier and Betsey Johnson. [I like] Gaultier because all his stuff is super original and his haute couture is different from others. He’s different in the way he uses materials. For Betsey Johnson I really like her color choices and patterns because she’s very girly and fun and different.”

JH: What is your favorite item in your closet?
HB: “My black Dr. Martens because they go with everything and they just add a cool detail to any outfit, plus they’re super comfortable.”

Hayley wore her favorite, perfectly worn in, Dr. Martens and a black Marc Jacobs dress that she got from Goodwill for the interview. She’s a great example of how thrift store finds can add an element to your outfit that no one else will have.

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