20141003_151351The ‘90s are back. Or at least according to Cristina Vintimilla they are. The journalism major with a growing love for fashion can tell you all about it on her fashion blog.

When asked how she would describe her style she said, “It always changes with the season, but right now I’m really into the ‘90s. They’re coming back. Plaids, black, the sporty chic look.”

Cristina loves shopping at Urban Outfitters to find pieces to embrace this trend but she said, “Forever 21 is a cheaper alternative and has cute stuff too.” There’s an unexpected store on Cristina’s list of favorite places to shop: online stores from the United Kingdom. Although it may seem unnecessary to shop at international stores, it has its perks. Cristina said, “I think a lot of trends start in the UK so their stores have things sooner than America does. I really like their style there and so shopping from them gets me pieces before everyone else has them.”

Not sure how to make new trends work for you? Check out her blog www.byteoffashion.wordpress.com where she posts about new trends almost every week. Her posts will tell you where to buy them, how celebrities are styling them, and ways you can wear them too. Cristina also writes a weekly blog on seasonal trends for Hofstra’s club HerCampus that goes up every Tuesday. You can check that out at www.hercampus.com/school/hofstra!

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