Five Things I Love, Every Friday

1. The Best Tips to Organize and Purge Your Home – I seriuosly need to get my life (and junk) in order and hopefully this will help motivate me. (

2. How To Shop Like A Minimalist – As I’m looking to move into a new apartment soon, I’m trying to shop like a minimalist—which is a lot harder than you think. (

3. The #1 Trick to Waking Up Easier on Dark Mornings – Another year, another resolution to become a better morning person. (

4. 12 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Scars – I struggle with some scars on my chin that I’d kill to get rid of. I’m hoping one of these natural remidies will do the trick! (

5. Rise and Shine! 5 Steps to Make Mornings More Tolerable – I swear by number four, just saying! (