Five Things I Love, Every Friday


1. Workspace Goals on Instagram – I could look through this account for hours. If you’re looking for some serious work space inspo, check out @workspacegoals. (

2. Try These Pro Packing Tips To Travel Lighter – I always seem to think I need things I don’t even wear when I’m home on vacation. I’m sure we all could use a little help when it comes to packing lighter.  (

3. 5 Beauty Habits You Should Have At Night To Wake Up With Better Skin – The key to great skin is making the most of your beauty sleep! Count me in on these new five habits! (

4. 8 Ways To Turn Clutter Into Stylish Decor – At home and at school I live in a shoe box of a room so it’s easy for my space to look cluttered. I’m always looking for ways to make my room look more stylish, even when it’s filled to the top with stuff. (

5. How To Find Adventure In Every Day – I’m always looking for my next adventure and I love this article on how to make every day one! (