This DIY photo letter is great for displaying memories in a unique way. It’s super easy to make and only took me a couple hours!


What you need:

  • letter
  • permanent double sided tape
  • matte crafting Mod Podge
  • paint
  • photos printed however big or small you want them on the letter
  • scissors

You can get all of these items at any craft store.

1. Paint the letter whatever color you would like the background to be.

2. Once that drys stick the photos to the letter with the permanent tape and trim back the edges so they don’t hang off of the letter.

3. When you have all of the photos in place cover the whole thing with a thin layer of Mod Podge by painting it on with a paint brush. The Mod Podge will seal in the edges of the photos.

*I suggest laying out the photos to get an idea of how you want to place them before you start taping them on.