Every woman in the fashion world has their signature look.

Although people’s style is always changing, once someone figures out their personality they become pretty set in a certain look. Cosmopolitan says its important to have a signature style, it makes you come across as more trustworthy to other people!

At my age, I haven’t come even close to figuring out my signature style yet. I know what I like but it’s such a broad range of things. I’m still just playing around with stuff.

These stars however, have their style all figured out! Their street style is always on point. These women are all extremely different but each has a distinct look that they rock.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Style

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If I had to pick one celebrity’s wardrobe I would steal in a heartbeat it would hands down be Vanessa Hudgens’! I’ve always been in love with her boho gypsy style. She looks effortlessly cool 24/7. Vanessa’s style full of earth tones makes her look down to earth and laid back.


Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen


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The Olsen Twins always look so sophisticated. They’re like the princesses of darkness, always in black. They know what looks good on themselves and don’t stray from it. They rock over-sized shirts and sweaters and trousers on a daily bases.


Miley Cyrus


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Although she continues to change, I will always have a soft spot in my heart Miley Cyrus’ style back in 2013. She described it as “high fashion with a punk vibe”. Her haircut and attitude pulled off this girly punk style so well! She wasn’t afraid to stand out in her fashion choices.


Taylor Swift


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She is the ultimate girly-girl. Taylor Swift’s style can be described as classic chic. She dresses super feminine in adorable skirts and dresses. She doesn’t take risks with her fashion choices like other young stars but what she’s doing works for her! She puts a modern twist on old fashioned looks and appears really pulled together.