I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I live only an hour away from Maryland and I’ve never been until this weekend. I had no idea how beautiful the state was! I figured it was pretty flat and open. You can imagine how surprised I was when I saw there were wooded mountains and cliffs everywhere!

Kevin and I decided on Susquehanna State Park for our annual Fourth of July camping trip. We loaded up Maggie, my camper van, and headed out. We stayed a total of 3 days and explored the park and its surrounding area.

The first day we went hiking on one of the state park’s 15 miles of trails. We hiked up the side of a hill along the Susquehanna River. Our hiked stopped off at the Rock Run Historic Area of the park which is located right on the river. The view was pretty amazing. You could see straight down to the bay.

We also toured the buildings in Rock Run. There is a huge mansion that dates back to 1804 and all of the surrounding buildings are still in excellent condition. Everything was open with hardly any spot off limits to explore. I definitely recommend touring if you are in the area on the weekends between 10 and 5pm.

On Sunday we decided to kayak the Susquehanna River. I was so nervous to do this. The largest body of water I had ever been in, in my kayak so far was a lake. Once we got out there though, the experience was amazing. We paddled up river pretty far and the water became so clear and calm.

Each night we did the typical camping activities. Cooked on the fire, ate s’mores, star gazed. It was an extremely relaxing, fun weekend.

Our last day before heading home we wondered into the town of Port Deposit, MD. It was a pretty cool place we just happened to stumble upon. Located right on the Susquehanna River, the old port was full of beautiful buildings and history. The stone work throughout the town was pretty amazing.

If you’re around Maryland anytime soon, check out this cool area! So much to do and see.

xx Jessica

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