I’m the type of person that has to write everything down and stay organized 24/7.

I’m going to school full time, I have a job, I’m an RA, I’m in several clubs on campus, and I have my blog. Needless to say, agendas are not an option for me.

So besides pens and notebooks, a good agenda is on the top of my list to buy every year. Stores are stocked with planners in bright, pretty colors but the planner that I scored this year takes the cake. I have found the CUTEST agenda in the whole entire world. No lie.

I stumbled across ban.do, a website full of adorable school supplies and accessories and couldn’t leave without buying this agenda. The 17 Month Classic Agenda comes in three different colors and two sizes. This agenda is just flat out fun! It’s full of artwork and compliments on every page. Each week has a fun “to do” like “Get manis” and “Have a girls night”.  Did you know that August 2nd was National Ice Cream Sandwich Day? – this planner fills you in on all of those special holidays. It even has a stick page in the front of it!


The 17 Month Classic Agenda is organized by colorful tabs to start each month. It has a stain ribbon placeholder and elastic band closure to keep everything in place. There is also a hidden pocket on the inside back cover. I almost completely missed it! There is a full year view, a monthly view at the beginning of each section, and then pages for each day with plenty of writing space.

It took me forever to decide, but I bought the agenda in Ringleader which comes with gold foil artwork on the cover. All three options are so adorable so it’s a win no matter which one you get. I saved the best for last….. it’s only $20.00.

Go and get your shop on :)

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Photos from ban.do