Perfectly smooth, perfectly tan, legs in a matter of minutes!

Seems too good to be true, I know. If you’re like me, you feel your best when you’re tan. But tan skin is seasonal, not to mention a bit risky. There are so many self-tanning products on the market it can be over whelming trying to pick the right one for you. We’ve all heard at least one horror story of someone who didn’t evenly apply or picked the wrong shade. And what if you don’t want the commitment and long lasting results that most of the tanning products offer? If you just want coverage that you can apply and remove on a daily basis, I think this is the right product for you.

I received Airbrush Legs by Sally Hansen from Influenster, complimentary for testing purposes, but the opinions here are completely my own.

I just started my Sophomore year of college today, woohoo! And I wore a cute t-shirt dress with sandals. I still have my tan from the summer, but it could always use a boost. Before class I smoothed on Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs in the medium shade, all over my legs and the tops of my feet. This leg makeup is tinted so there is no surprise as to what color you are applying and it’s really easy to pick out the spots where you put too much. After fully rubbing it in, I washed my hands with soap and water the color ran right off. What I really love is this product is water resistant, but easily removable with soap, water, and a washcloth.

The results: instantly smooth, even, and natural looking tan legs. I wouldn’t say this product is a self-tanner, as much as it is body makeup. Think of it as foundation for your legs!

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