Five Newly Discovered Things I Love, Every Friday


1. A Simple Mindset Change That’ll Give You Better Results Than Dieting – I loved this read about a healthy eating mindset. Stop dieting and change your life for the better! (

2. 19 Times Lauren Conrad Gave You Career Goals – Lauren Conrad is life/career/style/girl boss goals. (

3. The Best Apps of 2015 Involve Babies, Kardashians, and Lots and Lots of Selfies – I’ve never heard of most of these. Might be cool to try them out. (

4. Disney Girls Grown Up: Selena Gomez and Zendaya Are the Breakthrough Style Stars of 2015 – Selena Gomez and Zendaya always look absolutely stunning. (

5. This Gorgeous Man Travels The World Eating Pizza – Where do I sign up? (

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