Christmas is coming!

How it’s already December, I do not know! But I’m sooooo excited for it. Who doesn’t love this time of year? The holidays are such a magical time but sometimes being away at college makes you feel like you’re missing out. While you were home for Thanksgiving you may have helped decorate with your family but now you’re back at school and your room is a little lacking.

Relax before finals by making your dorm room look more festive! ┬áThe crafts that I made didn’t take long and I was able to make them out of supplies already in my room.


Instructions on how to fold the paper to make these 6 point snowflakes can be found here! And patterns for cutting can be found here!


I got inspiration for this Christmas tree off of Pinterest!

  1. Cut printer paper into strips and tape into rolls to form 7 garland strands. Make them as long or as short as you want your tree to be!
  2. Tape each strand at the top and arrange them to make the tree shape, tape the ends in place.
  3. Add what ever you want to the top to finish it off!


This one is super easy! Draw or print out Christmas themed items and color them in.

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